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Intelligent Lubricant Service (iLub) was developed in order to provide with the most complete and high-quality technical and information service package. Timely analysis of used oils helps preventing the shipboard machinery wear and keeps marine business afloat.

Technical Service includes:


The analysis of engine and other shipboard machinery oils is carried out as a part of the Intelligent Technical Service program iLUB. Marine lubricants samples testing is executed in the international independent laboratory OCM Intertek in Farnborough, UK. We provide specialized sample kits for easy and convenient used oil samples transfer to the laboratory.


  • The basic analysis of marine engine oils is made according to the following parameters:

  • Appearance;

  • Viscosity at 40 degrees of centigrade;

  • Presence of water;

  • Presence of soot;

  • Flash point;

  • Base number;

  • Quantification of particles.

Technical Service

iLub: Intelligent service

  • Shipping companies are provided with a full range of technical support including:

  • changeover procedure and compatibility recommendations;

  • seminars, presentations and company staff training;

  • visits of field engineers to the customer’s vessels;

  • advice and training of service personnel of vessels;

  • lube charts issue for vessels with the recommendations for lubricants optimization;

  • standard and enhanced lubricants analysis with Luboil sample kits delivered to vessels all over the world.

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